What Is Astrology?

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It is strongly believed that human beings’ lives are affected by numerous matters from heaven to hell. In the map of the heavens, the Sun, the Moon, fixed stars, and planets all make the considerable contributions to our happiness or misery. In the past, our ancestors intentionally studied the movements of such the planetary aspects and related them to their earthy activities. Convincingly, the stars taught them a lot about collecting crops or navigating directions. Hence, the early astral observation of Astrology definitely helps to gain insights about your personal life and future prospects.

Astrology – What Is It Exactly?

Psychically, Astrology includes several systems of divination based on the relationship between the astronomical phenomenon and the observed events in the earthly life. From the celestial study, the ancient method was used by the Indians, Chinese, and Mayans.

Up to now, it has been adopted and popularized by a large number of astrologers and believers. The old belief says that marriages are made in heaven. Under that light, the astrological stylized analyses can reveal every life aspect namely marriage, love, relationship, wealth, family, occupation, etc.

In the West, Astrology usually consists of an intriguing system of Horoscope that can reveal a person’s natures and future by examining his date of birth. Working on the basis of your birth date, the personalized astrological chart will be drawn to provide information about your inborn strengths and weaknesses.

Astrology – What Is It Exactly?
For instance, if you are born in September 25, you will come under Libra, the seventh sign of Zodiac. In this case, you are most likely to be a social butterfly who loves to join in the social connection. With the far-minded and cooperative nature, you get more chances to give the good impression in the circle of folks. Being diplomatic, the Libra can talk and do thing gently without offending anyone else. However, your shortcomings are indecisive and self-pity. Sometimes you work like the cowards who tend to avoid confrontation.

Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology

Based on the construction of Horoscope, the Western Astrology can calculate the exact chart over the specific locations at the defined moment. The movements and relationship between the 12 Zodiac signs are all examined when it comes to love analyses or marital scenarios. When the two signs are involved in the reading, the short comparison between the two’s compatibility and possibility will be taken into account. Comparing the couple’s birth charts alert them to the spots where their natures can come into the inevitable breakup.

In that sense, the 12 spatial divisions of the ecliptic, the geometric angles, and the houses are all considered. Nevertheless, the modern Astrology interpretations are usually reduced to the Zodiac sign analyses that represent only 1/12 of the total chart. Information that all seekers care is their personal traits and prospective outcomes; thus, for most cases, the astrological reading merely concerns itself with the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.

Differently, the ancient Chinese astrology uses different philosophy and concepts such as Yin and Yang, Five phases, three harmonies, the 12 Earthly branches, etc. Thus, it is not the big surprise that the Zodiac symbolisms of the Chinese astrological chart are all different from the Western one. It is the personal reference to consult any type of Charts as they all embrace the glorious history.

For example, Chinese astrology was primarily used to predict the political changes, unusual phenomena, special or advantageous days to celebrate the national holidays, etc. As long as you come with an open mind and heart to the authentic Astrological readings, you will have more chances to obtain self-understanding, new layers of intuition, insightful advice, and highly possible predictions on the far-off scenarios.

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