Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

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Fortune Telling with Playing CardsAt present, fortune telling is so popular over the Internet, and it really draws the attention of most of the people due to its convenience and accuracy. No one is pretty sure about predicting future because life is full of mystery and unpredictable. Therefore, some of the people want to find out and unveil the hidden information of their destiny. Asking a fortune teller or meeting a psychic with the hope of figuring out the matters surrounding your life is no longer a strange thing to people. In fact, there are so many types of fortune telling with discrepant methods and devices, but playing cards are the most common tool that people usually utilize to forecast their future, their love, their family, money, finance and so on. Let’s find out the interesting things relating the fortune telling with playing cards as well as the history of Cartomancy!

The root of Fortune-telling playing Cards

According to history, Cartomancy is a type of fortune-telling that utilizes the deck of cards. The forms of this cartomancy had turned up and become very popular after the playing cards were released to all the citizens living in the Europe in the 14th century. The ones who interpret those cards are considered as card readers, or readers. Similar to Tarot Card Readings, cartomancy also utilizes the card spreads like the single card, destiny square, and 3 cards. A deck of the playing cards is the common method of the cartomancy and it is known as the Wheel of Fortune. The number of those cards is 52 in total, which appears in the deck with lots of meanings. They are King of Hearts, King of Diamonds, King of Clubs, King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs, and Queen of Spades.

Interesting things relating to Playing Cards

In those cards, they contain lots of meanings that might attract our attention when we are about to research on this spiritual reading. In each of the four suits, we will see that there are 13 cards in total, which represents 13 lunar months on one year, and then 52 cards will symbolize for 52 weeks in one year.
Do you see the hearts, the clubs, the diamonds and the spades? Each of them has discrepant meaning. As for the hearts, they will be compatible with the water, they mark the signal of love, friendship, the bliss and the inner concerns. In general, these cards are the “blissful” cards. About the clubs cards, they are similar to the fire, and they indicate the business, aspiration, and the successful issues. They illustrate the success and joyfulness.

About the Diamonds cards, they look like the component of the earth, and they generally indicate career and finance issues. Last but not least, the spades cards! These cards will be similar to the air, which can indicate gossips, trials, messages, troubles, and anxieties.

Free Online Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

Researching on spiritual readings relating to playing cards is not a hard thing to fulfill anymore! You can freely enter the sites offering free online spiritual readings to you and then start picking the cards for yourself. This is such a useful and convenient way for the busy people who have no time for asking fortune teller face to face; they can predict their destiny and unravel the hidden information of their life by picking the cards over the internet. Just follow the simple steps as shown in the instruction prior to choosing your cards. Normally, the website will divide the fortune telling with playing cards into many categories, such as your love divination, future divination, wish divination, and so on. Therefore, it will be better if you think of your questions that you want to ask carefully before picking them. This will help you get the best answer and advice! However, you should keep in mind that asking the playing cards can’t be the right way that you need to follow to change your destiny! You can’t do it at all! Destiny is something that is full of mysteries; you just need to receive the guidance and advice showing how to get over your problems and how not to let them torture your soul, your mind, and heart. Hope you can find a new path for your life and overcome all the troubles! We are always waiting for your questions!

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