King of Cups

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King of CupsThe King of Cups card expresses the controlling of the emotions and ways for restraining. The King shows the balance between the sentiments and the intelligence. If this one aims at you, it means you are well-balanced and very steady. You will be very sympathetic but don’t try to express your feelings too much easily. The people will find that you are very tough to read through. If this card aims at someone else you met in your life, then this person will be very faithful and devoted, but he/she won’t be sentimental too much. They are absolutely a nice person that you must have in your life. You will be kept well-balanced for sure, and also you will receive the good advice from them. You need to take a chance and try to ask them for the advice or stick with them because this might be the phase when you are sentimental too much or unrealistic.

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