Nostradamus Predictions 2016

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Nostradamus Predictions 2016Nostradamus is one of the famous Psychics in our history. Frankly speaking, most of his predictions are possible to happen, even if they are just a low chance, but we shouldn’t underestimate what he forecasted in the ancient time. As we know, the year 2015 has been over and now a new year 2016 is awaiting us ahead! And of course, there are lots of people trying to research on Psychic Predictions for 2016 over the Internet. This year is surely filled with unknown occurrences that draw the attention of people who want to find out the hidden information relating to all the events over the world. Let’s find out some of famous Nostradamus Predictions 2016 to acquire more knowledge and we can prepare some backup plans for the forthcoming events if possible.

4 New Predictions of Nostradamus in 2016

The first forecast will be relating to the 200th Anniversary of Defeat of Napoleon. Actually, Nostradamus predicted the occurrences of French Revolution and the increasing and decreasing of King Napoleon. The big event will be marked on June 18th, meaning 200 years after the downfall of Napoleon at Waterloo on June 18th, 1815. In addition, Nostradamus considered that another anti-Christ could happen increasingly before we reach the upcoming year 2016. Would it be Vladimir Putin – the Russian Federation’s President? Is there any possibility for it to happen?

The second prediction will be The Recession of World Economy. According to Yearly Astrology Predictions, there have been theories saying that Saturn planet will transfer to Sagittarius sign, meaning another economic decline might happen in 2016. Seemingly, this issues has already happened somewhere or sometimes at the starting of December in 2014. Through all the information we collected, the world economy is advancing in foreseeable ways. If the predictions of Nostradamus are accurate, then the whole decade will be like as clear as hell, especially for the US

The third forecast is called the Value of Gold Will Increase. The value of gold will probably decrease in December 2014. However, at the beginning of January 2016, its values will recommence the bull market depending on the world pressure, political disturbance and the possibility of war. In addition, from what Nostradamus predicted for 2016, the gold will earn lots of advantages from the brand new levels of debt, the warning of inflation and economic uncertainty will go on, and the US Dollar will witness the devaluation.

The final prediction will revolve the bankruptcy in the United States. Due to the debt catastrophe along with the controversial Congress, the American government will probably confront the warning of bankruptcy in the winter season of 2015, or even when entering 2016. According to one of the forecasts which were already predicted, the economy of America will fall down due to the pressure and stress of huge debt and shortage. In addition, the President of US and Government will get involved in another dispute, leading to the deadlock or shutout.

Other Predictions that might have high chance to happen in 2016

Aside from the large forecasts mentioned above, there are some of other forecasts that probably have a high likelihood to occur in next year. Let’s find out:

Arab East will have a tough year as it will witness wide-ranging terrorist assaults and antagonisms (the primary expansion of radical Islam). Also, Egypt could get involved in these occurrences.
Due to the hesitancy of a certain leader, there will be some of the countries struggling with wars and starvation.

Possibly, France might attend and prepare some plans for the engagement in the forthcoming war or planning to kill a well-known person.

Follow us and stay tuned for further information relating to the Psychic Predictions for 2016 of Nostradamus!

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