Psychic Predictions For 2018 – 2019

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The world persists in changing in terms of affairs of state, society, economics, natural disasters and many other small aspects of humans. The current year 2018 is gradually coming to its conclusion, with the anticipation of the new year of 2019 coming. There will be lots of changes escalating at the end of the old year and towards the beginning of the new one. If you are truly interested in what will be changed in these two years, make sure you explore some Psychic Predictions for 2018-2019 done by some famous Psychic Readers on the Internet.

Psychic Prediction Focal Points for 2018 – 2019

Jeanne Mayell – a famous Psychic Reader has made some her own predictions for the world in the year of 2018 and 2019. Some of the predictions were already made as far back as 2014 by her own self. Let’s take a look at an overview of her predictions as mentioned below:

Most of the online psychic predictions by Jeanne Mayell focus on two outstanding parts, including affairs of state and climate change. In addition, she also made some forecasts on the worldwide financial markets, social programs in the US, the war, as well as an increase of a new generation of some progressive young adults.

Psychic Predictions 2019

Climate Change

The year 2018 will witness a rise in heat throughout July and August. The polar has to undergo a terrible melting that seemingly keeps increasing. The people will see a big increase in terms of polar melting around the world. According to Jeanne Mayell, she finds that there will be a rise in glacial melting in both piles with a bunch of the deaths of the species in the world. By the end of the year 2019, the Arctic probably will be completed melted, and in the 2020’s, it will change into a brown terrain with a big North American reindeer that is sprinting in the wild. The increase of climate change can be a consequence of this melted condition, which may lead to uncommon superstorms in the North Atlantic.

Due to the new climate of the Arctic, perhaps, the meteorologists will be catching sight of a new dominant wind shift across the U.S, which will have a deep influence on the weather.

The Gulf Stream will keep decreasing! Gulf Stream is known as a part of the AMOC (Atlantic meridional overturning circulation) that establishes the heart pump of the oceans. Jeanne Mayell wasn’t sure how the people would be influenced by this. However, according to what she has felt for the last five years, it would have terrible influences on people, even including crops.

She also had a vision in 2013 and it told her that the Arctic melting and the greater nor’easter storms would happen at the same time for the North Eastern U.S. These two disasters will come out in a greater frequency, in the speed of size and genesis.

In 2017, the psychic reader also made a prediction on a surge, and it finally has occurred. The year 2017 witnessed a rise in surface temperatures, forest fires, storms, ocean enlargement as well as terrible earthquakes because of the ocean increasing in size. Once the world has undergone the initial surge, the clime change will develop at a fast speed. The climate change doesn’t occur in a stable direct way. It will begin quickly without people knowing and it will gradually begin to increase, causing some people to take their leaves for new places that have more fresh water and higher altitudes.

U.S. Congress

In late 2018, a force of progressives of the U.S will start to unite and show their power while the federal government has become hopeless. These people will develop in later years and gradually turn themselves into a strong force for positive change.

With the 2018 Midterm elections, a movement towards the left in the House will be displayed, even though it’s too early to rely on a blue majority. At this time, the result in the Senate seems to be an ongoing red majority. This result isn’t a measure to the preference of the majority of the U.S citizens. It is bent by GOP voter suppression, Russian hacking and the fact that the Senate gives an overbalanced strength to small (and red) states.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Psychic Predictions For 2018 - 2019Mueller investigation will be continuously limited by GOP, every single step has become more despairing and closer to a Constitutional crisis if earlier steps break down. In the end, the fact about Trump will turn up, but he hasn’t been seen facing prosecution while the GOP has control, and he won’t be impeached. Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor, will take some steps in order to conserve his work, in case even if he gets fired, the prosecutions will keep going on.


Jeanne Mayell doesn’t have any visions showing up the nuclear war befalling in the fall of 2018. Many missiles have been seen launched in late 2018, but nobody knows that if these are just for experiments or nonnuclear.  Certainly, the situation of people is hazardous, however, there hasn’t been anyone catching sight of getting blown up so far. The fear will be much increased, especially in the Middle East.

Financial Markets

A drop of financial markets used to appear in a vision of Jeanne Mayell several years ago, and this falling would be likely to begin in 2020 or perhaps as early as late 2019. Since then, she has noted that many people forecasting this bear market is approaching. She hopes that people will do something to alter it. But, the current decisions of the government seemingly make the people get closer to the economic decline so far.

People have concentrated more on state and local living and less on the federal government activities due to something by the early twenties. This movement may be an outcome created by an unmindful federal government or an economic breakdown, and likely both.

The deterioration of Social Programs in the U.S

While the public is thrown into confusion by the Trump chaos, the GOP tries to reduce more social programs to pay for the enormous tax transfer to the wealthy but they can’t take out the entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare).

An upward surge in the new generation of progressives

According to a vision of Jeanne Mayell, there would be an increasing number of progressive young people who are putting their attempts into shaping a path to a better world. Sustainability, farming, and hard work are all main works they are chasing.  Their toughness and courage will be strongly expressed in the years ahead. Many of them are spiritual, but they are not religious.

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