Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands card illustrates the movement and breakthroughs in your life. The energy running through your body sometimes pushes you into discrepant directions, but finally, you will also be pushed into the proper direction that you are supposed to go. You are very close to the goals, just keep moving forward and try to […]

Eight of Pentacles

An internship or an apprenticeship can be described in the Eight of Pentacles card. It could be the starting of a new business, or making something that you have never done before. The card also can be a new construction in your life; you will be very hard-working for doing some activities in school, work, […]

Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords card embodies the conditions being stuck on the thoughts and feelings. You have no idea about which way you should go, which step you should take to get out of an issue or any tough circumstances. Self-suspicious and doubt from other people are all enveloping the judgment regarding a problem, and […]

Eight of Cups

In this Eight of Cups, we are asked to judge what brings us delight and bliss once again in the time. Probably we are hurled into the factual and materialistic stuff, and we think that we could get what we wish for, while the things we need turn out to actually be easier. You should […]